Andrea & Alberto Bocelli Family Wines



In 1995 whilst playing in a piano bar, the world discovered the remarkable talents of Andrea Bocelli, however long before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, the Bocelli Family has been known for wine and as third-generation winemakers, Andrea and Alberto carry on a long tradition of winemaking, which started in the early 1700’s when the Bocelli family planted their first grape wines in Lajatico, Tuscany and a century later the family purchased a property, that the family still live on today. 

It was a family passion then and it is a family passion now, and today the wines have earned acclaim in every corner of the world. This is a century old story of passion and pride and one we celebrate today. Andrea and Alberto were born in the Tuscany countryside close to the vineyards and grew up with their grandfather and father producing wine. 

What makes the wine so special is the unique weather climate in Tuscany and the geography of the land and soil, which is located between two rivers. Andrea and his brother Alberto principally make wine that they like and is of a superior quality and they hope others will like also.

The Bocelli wine collection is routed in a region rich with history and this speaks of the Bocelli heritage, which takes us back in time.   

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